Rewa Provincial Holding Company Limited was established in 1992 as the commercial business arm of the Rewa Provincial Council and the people of Rewa.  Rewa is one of the fourteen provinces in Fiji and is made up of nine districts.  The current principal business activity of the company is that of property management.  The company’s main asset is the Ro Lalabalavu House currently leased to the Fiji Government.

At the end of 2015, there were 549 shareholders with the Rewa Provincial Council being the largest shareholder, holding 32% shares. Other shareholders comprise of individuals, villages, mataqali, tikina, and family units within the Rewa province.

Our Vision

To be the premier investment company of choice for the people of Rewa Province.

Our Mission

To undertake prudent investments that maximise returns to our shareholders.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

  1. Maintaining Integrity and Transparency in all decisions
  2. Being a good corporate citizen
  3. An on-going commitment to excellence
  4. Building and sustaining Teamwork
  5. Ensuing Decisive and Accountable actions
  6. Creating a work environment that breeds Respect and Trust

Our Objectives

  1. To maintain viable investments at all times
  2. To achieve a sustainable level of growth and expansion
  3. To uphold the rule of law, practice principles of good corporate governance and be an exemplary corporate citizen
  4. To continually ensure a high level of satisfaction to its stakeholders
  5. To provide an effective marketing, and sound investor and public relations for the Company