2015 Dividend Payment Reminder Notice to Shareholders

Following the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders, it has been decided that the Company shall pay a dividend of 7c per share for the 2015 fiscal year.

For shareholders who have designated a bank account transfer, please complete the attached form and confirm your designated bank account for payment of dividend to your account.

For shareholders who have not designated a bank account transfer, please collect your dividends at the company office at Level 1, Kwong Tiy Building, Marks Street, Suva.

The company is in the process of updating shareholder’s records and request all shareholders to provide the following documents:

  1. For Individual/joint shareholders
    1. Valid photo ID (FNPF/FRCA Card/Voter ID Card/Driver’s License/Passport)
    2. Bank account number
  1. For Mataqali/Village/Tikina Shareholders
    1. Minutes of Mataqali/Village/Tikina meeting confirming collection of Dividend and signed by all member’s present
    2. Support letter from Provincial office confirming ID of Turaga ni Koro, etc.
    3. Mataqali/Village/Tikina Bank account number

Please contact Ms Arieta Serevi or Mr Peni Maivalenasau on 3315031 for any further clarifications.