Word of Welcome from the Board Chairman, Nemani V Buresova

Ni bula vinaka & welcome to the Rewa Provincial Holding Company Limited website. It is indeed a great pleasure to introduce the company’s website www.rphcl.com.fj and it marks a milestone for the company which has been in existence for the last twenty years. This website will allow us to share information about the company’s performance, its current activities, success stories and also gives you the opportunity to ask relevant questions that will assist you better understand the company.

The rapid growth of communication technologies in Fiji in recent years have seen a large increase in internet users as well as in the use of mobile phones. Both these technologies will greatly benefit our company by keeping you abreast of the company’s activities and improve our services to you our shareholders.

The website will also provide our current and future shareholders here in Fiji and abroad to gauge the company’s performance and instill an interest and create awareness about the company. This communication medium will allow the people of Rewa to share their success stories and exchange ideas as we work together to move the company to fulfill its corporate objective of growing wealth and prosperity for the people of Rewa province.  You can also access our Facebook page for more information and updates about the company on https://www.facebook.com/rewaphcl/